Toy Cameras

Photographer Genaro Molina wrote an item for Framework on about using toy cameras.
The image above by Lorena Villegas was taken with a Diana in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Times Street Scenes

At 4:30 am the bakers at El Gallo Bakery in East Los Angeles start baking fresh bread. It has been nearly a year since the Los Angeles Times Street Scenes were shot.  Five Latino shooters, 4 photographers and one editor, shot 5 of the 14 neighborhoods.
I shot Avenida
Cesar Chavez in East Los Angeles
Carlos Chavez shot 
Lankershim Blvd in North Hollywood 
Genaro Molina shot the
Boardwalk in Venice
Michael Robinson-Chavez shot
Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles

Karen Tapia shot the
Orange Plaza in Orange